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                       Our Baos are
                    more than
                              just food

                                                           a story

These delicious HOME UGLY BAOS were co-created by the late Chef Tan and his wife. She has been diligently working behind the scene, rolling out the freshly made BAOS daily and continuing to fine-tuning the recipes.

家有了新的名字 – "家传之包"。这是传承陈勇华师傅的精神,把传统美味的食物献给大家。"家传之包" 是由陈勇华师傅与妻子曾慧敏一起摸索和创造的,陈太太一直和陈师傅在幕后日日耕耘,不断的研究面粉和馅料,尝试不同的口味才推出的系列古早味包子。

They tell 

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